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2014 Trees for Troops
This year's donated Christmas trees being loaded at Wahmhoff Farms Nursery are going to Fort Carson in Colorado and Scott AFB in Illinois. Our 2014 Loading Event will take place on Monday, December 1st at 10 am. PLEASE JOIN US! We have over 520 Christmas trees to load! Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes early to be directed to the loading area. We will have donuts and cider for the volunteers after the loading event. (Loading Event Location: Wahmhoff Farms Nursery, 23090 M40 Hwy, Gobles, MI)
This gift back to our Military is made possible by the generosity of Michigan's Christmas Tree Growers and Consumers like you, and FedEx who delivers the donated trees free of charge.

In 2013 approximately 60 volunteers joined us for the Trees for Troops Loading Event at Wahmhoff Farms Nursery. Trees in 2013 were donated by Michigan Christmas tree growers (Wahmhoff Farms, Badger Evergreen, Korson's, Mathisen's, and Happy Holiday Tree Farm) and consumers (like you!), and were shipped to NAS JRB New Orleans (Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base),  MCAS New River (Marine Corps Air Station, NC), and to Fort Benning, GA.

To donate a Christmas tree for $25, click this link: $25 Donation - Trees for Troops - DONATE A CHRISTMAS TREE! 
Donate a REAL Christmas tree to a military family through the Trees for Troops program. Share the Christmas Spirit and bless a military family at Christmastime. For $25, you can donate a REAL Christmas tree (valued at $50 or more) to a military family through the Trees for Troops program. We will hand-write your personal message on the tag that gets attached to the Christmas tree you donate.

Posted December 27, 2013
Hi Wahmhoff Farms!! I am a Marine wife here at MCAS New River and we received one of your trees this year! I just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful tree! It may not seem like much to some but it took an expense off our list at a time that surely did help a ton! My kids decorated this year all by themselves and I loved the little glitter ornament that the school kids made to go with it! Thanks again! - Ashley D., Marine Wife, MCAS New River

The National Trees for Troops program hopes to top 140,000 total Christmas Trees donated to Military Families at Bases across the U.S. and overseas since the program began in 2005!
 The 2013 Trees for Troops Loading Event at Wahmhoff Farms Nursery:

Trees for Troops volunteers load more than 400 Christmas trees onto trucks headed for U.S. bases
The 2012 "Loading Event" at Wahmhoff Farms Nursery was Monday, December 3rd; many volunteers joined us to help load the donated Christmas trees onto FedEx trailers at our farm,
located at 23090 M-40 Hwy, Gobles MI 49055, that shipped to Fort Knox, KY. Check out the following link about Trees for Troops and Wahmhoff Farms Nursery by Fox 17 - #1.

2012 Loading Crew Volunteers 
2012 Volunteers

2012 Military Loading Volunteers
Military: Past, Present, Future (Thank You!!)

     Specialist Brien Brockway, Ft. Knox KY
2012 Local Gobles Boy, Specialist Brien Brockway stationed at Fort Knox, KY

REAL Christmas trees loaded at Wahmhoff Farms for the Trees for Troops Program in 2012 were shipped to the following military base:
Fort Knox, KY
REAL Christmas trees loaded at Wahmhoff Farms for the Trees for Troops Program in 2011 were shipped to the following military bases:
Scott AFB in IL
Lackland AFB in TX
Rock Island Arsenal in IL

"There's no way that Trees for Troops would be the success it is today without all of our supporters. Our only wish is that each and every one of you who donates a tree, or coordinates a pick-up, or collects consumer donations could see the joy that this program brings to the military recipients who benefit from it. When you see families lined up for blocks to pick up their tree, or the joy in their eyes when the FedEx truck arrives, or a child picking out their tree for the first time, it suddenly becomes worth it, and you suddenly forget all the hassles and frustrations that sometimes occur in putting together a program of this magnitude."  -- Becky Rasmussen, National Christmas Tree Association

2011 Trees for Troops Loading Event: 

2010 Trees for Troops Loading Event: 700 donated Michigan-grown Christmas trees were loaded onto two FedEx trailers bound for Fort Benning, GA:
Enjoy the tree - God Bless!         Loading the truck                  US Army SGT Wardwell
                                                                                                           and US Army 1SG Ryan Razon

                                                         2010 Loading Crew
From Top Left: Wahmhoff Farms employees Lupe M, Lucilo P, Luis G, Curtis Randall (also an Army Vet & MSU "Vets to Ag" graduate); and Mateo R.
Bottom: Stacey Rocklin, MSU Program Coordinator for LMC; Dan Wahmhoff, owner; Mary Judnich of US Senator Stabenow's office; SGT Nicholas Wardwell, US Army; volunteer Bob Rigozzi; Ed Sackley of US Senator Fred Upton's office; Chad Dillon, Intern for Senator Upton and 6-yr MI Army Nat'l Guard & Iraq Vet; SSG Ryan Cox, US Army; volunteer Ed Jeschke; Betsy Wahmhoff Perales; Marsha Gray, Ex. Dir. of the Michigan Christmas Tree Association; and Annette Wahmhoff.  We had more volunteers than this, but they couldn't stay for the photo opportunity!  Special thanks to US Army CPT Monique Chetcuti and to 1SG Razon for joining us that cold, snowy morning and to Tom Smith, Acting Assoc. Director, Institute of Agricultural Technology, MSU.

Gobles Kindergarteners and Young 5's with their teachers and the bus drivers - THANK YOU!  Gobles Kindergarteners made handmade Christmas ornaments to ship with the donated Christmas trees for military families.
Check out the Trees for Troops Facebook page to see pictures and read the heartfelt thank you messages, or visit the Trees for Troops Web site at
These donated Christmas trees were loaded and shipped out from Wahmhoff Farms on December 1st, 2010 for delivery to Fort Benning, GA, in conjunction with the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation and FedEx.

History of Trees for Troops

For several years, Christmas tree growers had been providing free trees for charitable purposes. In the 1990s, some organized efforts started through which trees were given to National Guard units and other military personnel who were deployed in peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo and other regions of the world.

Then, in early in 2005, the National Christmas Tree Association developed two concepts:

  • Create the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to advance the spirit of Christmas year-round for kids, families and the environment.
  • Develop plans for a national Trees for Troops program that could unify the individual programs of tree growers and state Christmas tree associations.

To-date, the Trees for Troops program has exceeded expectations and continues to grow with the generous support from many involved.

Donations and Trees purchased for Trees for Troops are Tax Deductible.
Watch the 2009 news clip from Channel 3: 
Christmas Trees Loaded from Gobles, MI for T4T

 Web sites: and Visitors to these sites can view photos/video of the program, leave a message for the troops and donate to the Christmas Spirit Foundation.  You can also go to this web site: and pick out a Thank You card for a soldier:  Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier serving overseas.  It is FREE and it only takes a few minutes. What a great way to show support for our troops!

From an email message from Becky Rasmussen of the National Christmas Tree Association: "THANK YOU for the generous donation of trees and coordinating the pickup. I was on site at Lackland AFB when some of your trees were delivered, complete with snow still on them!"


Picture #1: Loading trees onto the FedEx truck.
Picture #2  2008: Ed Sackley of US Congressman Fred Upton's office, Michigan's Senator Ron Jelinek, Michigan's State Representative Tonya Schuitmaker, Mary Judnich of US Senator Debbie Stabenow's office, and Army National Guard Specialist Roger Grim.
Picture #3 2009: The "Loading Crew" for Trees for Troops 2009 at Wahmhoff Farms in Gobles, MI. 
Picture #4 2010: Gobles Kindergarteners and Young 5's come out to join the fun with the Trees for Troops 2010 Loading Event on December 1st.


Camp Pendleton

2009 Destinations:  Over 1000 West Michigan trees loaded onto 4 FedEx Trailers at Wahmhoff Farms Nursery in Gobles, Michigan and were delivered to Fort Sill in OK, Fort Riley in KS, and Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. 

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