The Landscaper’s Buddy cart, 2,000 lb capacity dolly




THE LANDSCAPER’S BUDDY F.O.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MI (Shipped palletized via Motor Freight)

PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A. To view the Buddy in action, visit them on Facebook, YouTube or

JW-BUDDY: The Landscaper’s Buddy is a smart lever-based dolly/cart that makes it easy to manually lift and haul heavy and bulky trees. Easily attach the handle to the cradle and pull down to lift and lock the load in place. The Landscaper’s Buddy is a proven labor-saver, cutting the effort of moving heavy loads in half and reduces the number of people needed to get the job done. The Buddy is designed so that the tree is pointed safely away from the user. Move large trees easily with minimal or no turf damage. 2000-lb capacity.