Scotch Pine Seedling – Pike Lake 2-0 6/12″ – Sold out for Fall ’23/Spring ’24

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*Sold out for Fall ’23/Spring ’24
Picture is of a Scotch Pine seedling. 

Scotch Pine seedling, two years old, measures 6 to 12 inches from the soil line to the top of the plant. Shipped bare-root, they are packed in moist packaging material to ensure moisture content.

Pike Lake seed source is an exceptional French strain of Scotch Pine developed by nurseryman Norbert Noecker. The seed orchards are local, in southwest Lower Michigan, and we collect the seed ourselves, enabling us to precisely reproduce this variety. Pike Lake has medium length needles, medium growth rate, upright branching, good color retention, and winter hardiness. It responds well to pruning and opens up well after packaging. Pike Lake has been our ”bread and butter” tree for over 40 years.

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