2017 Christmas Traditions Contest Winners

2017 Winners

Grand Prize Winner 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 Christmas Traditions Contest $75 Grand Prize Winner: Kitty Adler

Family Traditions 2017Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that Christmas is my absolute, hands down favorite time of year. I never thought that I could possibly love Christmas any more than I did when I was a child, but then I became a parent myself. Through my children, the magic of Christmas came alive in a whole new way for me. My husband and I started and continue many family traditions during the Holiday Season with our children. One of my favorites has always been picking out the live Christmas tree that serves as our main tree. (Yes, I have more than one!) We always get hot chocolate before heading out to the tree farm to find “THE PERFECT TREE”. (Which we have always found!) The tree just seems to be waiting there for our family to come and find it. We love the look, feel and smell of a Fraser Fir. Another of my favorite traditions is having my children each pick out their own ornament every year. We purchased their “First Christmas Ornament” when they were babies, but after that, they have always picked out their own. This tradition has been so fun and allows us to see the evolution of our children’s interests over the years. My children look forward to finding that perfect ornament and take their hunt for it very seriously. Every year, these special ornaments are unpacked with care and we talk about and reminisce about every single one as my children put them on the “Kid Tree”. (Yes, they have their own!) Needless to say, the size of the “Kid Tree” has also needed to evolve over the years! This is a tradition that I am so very thankful that we started and I hope it is one that my children continue with their own children someday. It is a collection of precious memories that I look so forward to displaying every year. The accompanying picture is my husband Scott, my son Mason and my daughter Riley after we found THE PERFECT TREE at Wahmhoff Farms at the Gobles lot last year.

I CAN NOT WAIT to find this year’s perfect tree there, too!

Runner Up 2017

Congratulations to our Runner-up winner in our Christmas Traditions and Photo Contest – Kim Brady

This is a picture of my son, Mason. He insisted this had to be our family Christmas tree! I laughed when I saw it and said “no way, it’s a Charlie Brown tree!” His face sunk and he looked up at me with his innocent sad eyes and asked “Why?” Truly he must be kidding. But then I started to think about it. Through his eyes, it was the perfect tree for him. It was just the right height for him to decorate and he could even reach the top to place the star all on his own. Needless to say, my husband cut the tree down and carried it over his shoulder as proud as if it was a 6 foot Fraser fir. In the end, we did get another tree to go along with Mason’s Perfect Tree.

How else would Santa fit all the presents underneath?

Going to Wahmhoff Farms in Gobles has become a Holiday Tradition. We look forward to picking out the perfect tree again this holiday season.

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