Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions – Schedule your photo shoots!

Photo Sessions can be scheduled year-round on our Christmas tree farm, excluding Thanksgiving weekend (Black Friday through Sunday) and the following Saturday and Sunday.

You are welcome to take lots of photos while at the farm to get your Christmas tree between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but need to have an advanced and confirmed reservation to bring a photographer (amateur or professional) to have a photo shoot at our farm. We love seeing families making memories on our Christmas tree farm!

We have 150 beautiful acres here at our Choose-n-Cut Farm, and we are happy to have photographers and their clients here for photo sessions. 

Our address is 22330 M 40 Hwy, Gobles MI 49055 (this is not a mailing address; farm location only).

Click “Here” to Schedule Your Photo Sessions

Your “fur” babies are welcome at our farm.  However: Your pet must be on a leash for the peace of mind of others out using our farm at the same time you are here. Also bring bags to pick up after your pet & dispose of properly. 

A signed Liability Waiver is required prior to use of our farm for a photo session. Please email it to when you schedule your photo session, or you can drop it off during business hours (Monday-Friday 8-5 pm) prior to your scheduled photo session.

Photo Sessions are by Appointment Only (no walk-ons). Confirmed reservations are required in advance of a photo session.


  • Our fields change from year to year: watch for uneven ground, stumps, holes, etc. Feel free to visit the farm prior to your session to ensure it will suit your needs.
  • IMPORTANT: Drive on roadways only; do not drive across fields or open areas. Please direct your clients of these rules before they arrive at our farm.
  • Be courteous of other photographers on the property at the same time. Do not set up in a location that interferes with another photographer’s shots, and direct your clients to keep out of others’ shots.  We have 150 acres here, so there is plenty of room for everyone.
  • You may bring props. Please, no tinsel, and please take everything with you that you brought for the photo shoot. All props must be removed upon departure.
  • Dogs / fur babies are welcome at the farm. Inform your clients that they must bring bags & pick up after their pets & dispose. You are responsible if your clients don’t do this.
  • Photographers and their clients are responsible for cleanup and proper disposal of all garbage, trash, food wrappers, etc. Like the Boy Scouts, Leave it cleaner than you found it!
  • Farm staff are not responsible for directing your clients to your photoshoot location. Meet them in the front parking area and then lead them to the area you set up for the photo shoot.
  • If you post on social media, we would love it if you mention our farm and/or tag us! It’s so fun seeing all your great photos! #GotTalent!
  • Your vehicles are allowed ON THE ROADWAYS in the Christmas tree field. Please park on the main roadways where there is room to move to the side when parking, so as not to block roadways for others. Important enough that we are repeating it again: DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS “OPEN FIELDS” or areas that looks like an open area – stay on roadways only.  (Would you want someone driving across your yard/lawn?) Make sure your clients understand this as well.  Folks have driven across our septic area and other parts of our yard that are not meant for vehicles.
  • We recommend that everyone wear appropriate shoes for walking across the uneven terrain and through high grass/weeds, and then change into the shoes they want for the photo shoot.
  • Refunds will be made for cancellations due to inclement weather, minus a processing fee. We recommend photographers collect a deposit when families reserve a session to decrease the likelihood that they will be a no-show for their session. You will not receive a refund if your clients are a no-show for their booked session.
  • Do not cut down any trees for your photo shoot!
  • And finally, Have Fun!