2019 Christmas Traditions Contest Winners

2019 Winners

Grand Prize Winner 2019

Congratulations to our Christmas Traditions Contest $75 Grand Prize Winner: Mary Rivera, Kalamazoo MI

I LOVE Christmas traditions!!! Sending Christmas cards, wrapping beautiful gifts, baking cookies, but my favorite one of all is decorating the Christmas tree. Growing up in the 60’s, the beauty of my Grandma’s Christmas tree was magical to me! She always had a real one and I have such fond memories of decorating it with such love and care. I have a few of my Grandma’s ornaments but the one pictured has been my favorite my entire life. Every year at Christmas, I re-create that magic of her Christmas tree. We always get a real tree and we always will. Having lived in Kalamazoo for 26 years, I’ve had numerous Wahmhoff trees. When my kids were little, I remember cutting down our own trees at the farm. This years tree was purchased at The Hot Dog Stand on Westnedge as have most of our trees. It took us 5 minutes to get the perfect tree because they were all so beautiful!! I took down my tree yesterday. Sure, I’ll miss it. But I know that next year’s tree from Wahmhoff Farms will be just as beautiful and magical as this year’s. ~ Mary Rivera

Runner Up 2019

$50 Runner-Up: Kelly Willetts, Portage MI

We get our tree every year at the farm (M40)… once we started going there with our kids there was no going back. We love the whole experience. We try to go the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The goal is to always find the tree that will reach all the way up to our ceiling (leaving room for the star, of course). Every single year we struggle to decide which tree it will be, and the kids wander and find trees they think are the best. The blue one was last years favorite, and perfect for our theme – every year we have a Who-feast with our kids, decorate our tree and watch the Grinch together- so the blue tree was their #1 choice (would The Who’s in Whoville have it any other way?) Unfortunately (for the kids), mama vetoed it, but she took its picture for their amusement. We did find the most beautiful Douglas fir, and wreath, and it kicked off the beginning of our season perfectly. Thanks for always making our experience fun and full of memories!
~Jeremy, Kelly, Jackson, Bria, Piper and Ruby Willetts

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