2021 Christmas Traditions Contest Winners

2021 Winners

Grand Prize Winner 2021

Congratulations to our Christmas Traditions Contest $75 Grand Prize Winner: Karen Acri

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! Spending time with family, celebrating the season with family traditions, baking huge amounts of Christmas cookies to share with our neighbors and friends, watching Christmas movies and picking out our family Christmas tree! Growing up we always put up artificial trees. I longed for a real tree. In 2014 we decided to start this new tradition with our first visit to Wahmhoff’s Farm and it did not disappoint. We walked through the trees, breathing in their fresh, clean smell. We listened to the kids giggling with excitement as they searched for the perfect Christmas tree, yelling to us that they “found it”! The experience was everything I hoped for and more. Whatever the weather, our family tradition of searching for the perfect Christmas tree is one that I look forward to every year. As the years go by and our children grow, we love sharing our family traditions with the special people in their lives and know that this tradition will continue for years to come. We have our beautiful Fraser Fir tree decorated in an outdoor woodland theme with sparkly, golden leaves, woodland creatures and topped with a wooden birdhouse. It is one of four trees in our home that is decorated for Christmas (I told you I love this holiday!). We always visit the Gobles location and are greeted by their friendly staff. 2020, of course, looked a little different but the staff continued to do an amazing job and make our annual family tradition special. ~ Karen Acri

Runner Up 2021

$50 Runner-Up: Marc A Bouchie

My wife and I met, got married, and had kids (Dylan and Lorrie) in Colorado. When we moved to Michigan, we got in the habit of going to a Cut-Your-Own farm and getting our trees there. When Dylan was five or six, we found ourselves at Wahmhoff’s cutting the first tree down. As it fell, he yelled out “December!”. The whole family had a good laugh. For years that’s what he thought the lumberjacks would yell as the tree fell. So if you ever hear the cry of “December!” when you’re cutting trees at Wahmhoff Farms, you will know it’s probably the Bouchie Family. Even though the kids are grown, we still enjoy coming to Wahmhoff Farms to get our tree. Thanks for the years of tradition that you’ve offered us. ~ Marc A Bouchie

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