#2100 Ericson Construct-O-Lite Retail Lot Lights




#2100 Ericson Construct-O-Lite Retail Lot Lights:
*2-Wire Contractor Grade Code Compliant
*Complies with UL, OSHA, NEC regulations
*Molded Construction Lights
*Cable Gauge/Type = #14/2 SJTW 300V
*100 ft round wire, 10 socket stringlisht with non-metallic guards installed (Light bulbs not included).
*120V, 60 Hz, 04201 snap on lattice guard
*10” socket spacing (center), 150W max. watts per socket
*Primary NEMA 1-15 plug, Secondary-Blunt
*Designed for applications that require rapid set-up/tear-down
*Full threaded metal screwshell socket to ensure proper contact with bulb – no cheap strip of metal
*Easy relamping with strong non-conductive, smap-open cage guard
*Built-in tab hanger at each socket for easy installation with messenger cable or hooks; supplied with 15 Amp, 2-wire straight-blade (NEMA 1-15) plug

Guards come pre-installed on stringlight for easy setup on the jobsite –


*The use of short A-19 incandescent bulbs are not recommended in any Ericson Stringlight.

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