Weatherproof PolyArt (formerly Tyvek) Wreath Price Tags, 100/bundle

From: $27.99


TAGPOLY-WR: Quality Weatherproof tags with Wreath logo are perforated for pricing retail Christmas wreaths.  Sold in bundles of 100.
Bundle of 100=$27.99; 500=$24.398 per bundle of 100; 1,000=$21.199 per bundle of 100.

*7/15/22 The available tags are now made of POLYART…TYVEK is unavailable on a national level due to the Tyvek being used for the pandemic masks, gowns, etc. We called everywhere that we could and found that nobody could get it. We tested several different materials and the POLYART was the best and closest we could get to the TYVEK.